Cool and Innovative Professional Art Supplies

Trying new art supplies is what both beginner and expert artists do. Professional art supplies such as a new set of drawing pencils or tubes of acrylic paints are always fun.

Yet, did you know that there is under-the-radar, but cool professional art supplies that you need to try? The innovativeness of these professional art supplies is way too cool to pass up.

There are unheard-of professional art supplies that are cool and innovative as well. These tools can be unconventional but they may be able to become a timely solution to some of the artistic issues you face at some point.

For example, watercolour crayons allow you to draw rather than paint. Some of the coolest professional art supplies you can try include:

Water colour crayons

A drawing stick compressed with a paint pigment is what watercolour crayons are all about. The watercolour crayons provide you the best of both worlds: drawing just like a coloured pen or pencil using watercolours. What you need to do after you’ve drawn is to activate and blend the colour by using a bit of water to it.

Paper punches

Collage and scrapbook fans will surely love the uniform paper shapes produced by a paper punch. The shapes produced by the paper punches range from the simple to more complex designs. Used just like a conventional punch, this cool paper punch produces out-of-this-world shapes that add a great twist to a collage or scrapbook hobby.

Blank comic book

A blank comic book provides you a chance to try drawing a comic. The hard work of creating a comic book is over with the use of a blank comic book. Layout temples and pages are included in the blank comic book allowing you to sketch the comic you’ve always wanted to do.

Pebeo paints

The pigment used in Pebeo paints are ones that you’ve never tried before. The textures and colours of the oil-based paints changes before your eyes! Marbling and honeycomb effects are produced when combining two or more colours. Abstract or decorative paintings are the art mediums that can use Pebeo paints to advantage.

Paint marker pen

Painting minus the mess is the top benefit provided by paint marker pens. Similar to watercolour crayons, the markers don’t bleed even when used on paper. A variety of surfaces ranging from wood, glass, metal, and plastic can all be worked on by the opaque marker pens.

Index finger knife

Gripping a conventional X-Acto knife for periods of time can cause hand fatigue. A great update to the X-Acto knife is provided by the index finger knife. The oval-shaped hole in the handle fits right to your index finger. Doing your collage becomes easier and comfortable using an index finger knife.

Palette knives for special effects

A twist to the usual way of carving clay or palette knife painting is provided by a set of palette knives. A set includes 9 different varieties of palette knives that allow you to manipulate textures and patterns in your medium.

Trying one or all of the above innovative professional artist supplies by MES can make you wonder how you were able to create without them. These unconventional art supplies offer the best in comfort, control, and aesthetics.