“professional photos” that paid nearly $ 250.

A Missouri family recently tasted the celebrity on the net after sharing a series of hilarious “professional photos” that paid nearly $ 250.

And the funniest thing is that they consider the money well spent!

Dave and Pam Zaring were contacted by a middle-aged woman who proposed herself as an experienced professional photographer.

The couple decided it was time to do a family photo shoot, so he accepted the offer of the so-called professional photographer.

The couple with their two children went to St. Louis, where he paid the photographer about $ 250 to take some pictures that he had to portray as a big happy family.

The alleged photographer did her “job” after which she reported that she would contact them after a few weeks, after having artfully retouched the photos.

After months of waiting, the photographer showed up and finally delivered her work to the family. In the following days the Zarings received a package containing a disc with photos, and they were definitely not what they expected.

“I never laughed so much in my life”

“My children were confused, they thought we were playing a joke on them. They kept saying they looked like Legos “

The photographer justified her “masterpiece” by saying that on the day of the shots “the shadows were really bad” and that her photography teacher had never taught her how to retouch photos. Furthermore, the woman offered to redo the entire photo shoot if they were not satisfied with the results.