Child Care Options for Parents Today

Parenthood is not a simple task as many people think and finding the right childcare facility that best meets the needs of your offspring is not easy as well. Many parents are concerned whether a facility or a nanny in charge of their kids will provide the best services and keep them safe and secure for the entire day. The best part is that there are different options for parents to choose from and as a parent, you can choose childcare services according to your budget. It is undisputed that a firm child foundation has significance throughout the entire life of a baby. It is for this reason that parents must choose a childcare facility or options that will give a child a solid foundation for successful child development.

Welcome to Alto Early Learning Child Care! Searching for a child care facility can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, there are resource centres that help parents in their search for a facility that works for their situation. With the help of a resource centre, you can easily whittle down the long list of facilities and options to remain with just a few that you can manage to visit within the shortest time possible.

Here are some of the different options parents can trust to keep their children safe and secure while providing a solid foundation to them:

Options for childcare services

Childcare: If you have a toddler, childcare is highly recommended. One major reason that childcare centres are recommended is that the ministry of education inspects these centres and provides guidelines and regulations that govern its operations and services provided. One more thing; you will want to find a childcare centre that is close to your workplace or home to make it easier to pick and drop the child.

Family daycare: The main difference between family daycare and childcare centre is the home setting and the cost. Family daycare costs less than a childcare centre. An advantage of family daycare is that children have fun in a familiar environment and are likely to associate with a mixed age group so they will learn and develop very quickly. It is also possible to care for specific needs of a child, a service that is rare in a child development setup.

Preschool/kindergarten: If you are looking for a more formal and instructive program for your toddler, preschool or kindy is the best option. The classrooms maintain a child-teacher ratio ensuring that every child gets enough attention from their instructor. Schedules simulate school hours but might extend according to the parent’s work schedule. It helps the child prepare for school days ahead. It incorporates structured and unstructured activities that help children grow and develop.

Nursery: Nursery schools admit children according to certain age requirements. Nursery admits children from the age of 1-3 years and they have no structured programs to teach the kids. They only provide play facilities and encourage child exploration. Learning here is self-paced and it focuses more on play rather than learning.

Casual childcare: This is the right option for work from home parents or part-time parents. You might not need the services of a childcare service provider regularly but when you have meetings or other duties that will occupy you the whole day. You will only pay for the services when you need them.

Nanny care: This is a person you hire and will become part of your family. If you must trust your child with a nanny, there is so much to do before hiring one in terms of the background check.