Kindergarten Townsville- helping children transition into preschool

Most adults have no idea how tough it is for children to acclimatize to new changes. Things like transitioning into kindergarten is a serious change for many children. They have to face many challenges few of which include getting used to new surroundings and establishing new friendships.

The first few weeks at kindergarten is a stressful time for the students as well as for the parents. children have to go through a stage where they would be completely uncomfortable when surrounded by new people. However at Fairfield Waters Early Learning & Kindergarten, there are caregivers who are completely committed to making students feel as comfortable as possible.

The children were made to feel like a part of a community and they are taught effective and appropriate ways of interacting with their peers. However parents also need to step in and help children develop the confidence and the skills which are necessary to help them transition to kindergarten.

 Helping children transition to kindergarten Townsville

Parents can help their children by all of the following ways:

  • Parents can start by telling the children all about the new kindergarten they are going to attend. They can talk about their own experience when they started attending a new school. This would motivate the children to attend this place happily.   Increasing their curiosity by telling them interesting stories is also one way of ensuring that they are eager to attend the new school.
  • Encourage the children to take part in school activities. You can teach them the importance of empathy and good manners so that they know how to become a good friend. When they practice the ability to sympathize with other children they would feel that they can make friends with ease.
  • While the above mentioned are few of the social ways in which parents can teach their children about kindergarten, they also need to help the children learn a few academic things so that they feel more confident while working at numbers or words. This confidence therefore helps them develop new friendships as well. This is something which would help them in the future as well.
  • Parents can help children with their reading and writing skills. It is important that the child is able to recognize the basic numbers and letters along with the sounds that they make. this ability to recognize the sounds is going to help them with their reading as well. They would need to sound of the letters when they are learning a new word. This would also help improve the vocabulary which is pretty much useful when they have to talk to the teachers and that cares about certain things.
  • It is also important in children follow basic routine which would help them get enough sleep and therefore wake up fresh and active in the morning. Parents should encourage the children to take breakfast before coming to school. A well rested child is open a happy child and therefore they tend to do better at the school too.